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Luke "Big Boy" Brown
AKA: Big Luke, The Kentuckian, Man Mountain Campbell

Real Name: Carl Dennis Campbell Sr.
Born: July 28, 1935
Died: November 12, 1997
Survived by: Carl, Tony, Angela, Stephan

In 1957 Carl Dennis Campbell left the Marine Corp to play football at Xavier University. A year later he decided to try his hand at professional wrestling. He initially trained in Columbus Ohio at Al Hafts under Fred Atkins.
From Columbus he went to Toronto, Canada to work for Whipper Billy Watson and to join his best friend from the Marines Frank Townsend. Frank is the person who introduced him to wrestling.
In late 1959 they went to work for Verne Gagne in Minnesota. This lasted for about a year until they moved to Texas.
Shortly after moving to Texas Frank was killed and dad formed a tag team with Ed "Mr. Kleen" Miller known as the "Kleen Kids". They moved to San Francisco where dad held his first title belt. Mr. Kleen retired shortly thereafter and dad was almost out of the business.
Dad had met Grizzly while in Texas. They got back in touch and spoke with a promoter in Texas who decided to put them in a tag team together. The promoter couldn't decide whether to call them the Texans or the Kentuckians. They flipped a coin and Kentuckians won. The rest is history!
This is what I have been able to find from his career from 1958-1974. If anyone can find anything else let me know.
This website was initially meant for my brothers and sisters to share the father that I knew.
God Bless!


Luke Brown, The Kentuckians, Big Boy Brown